Cheer Bears

Saturdays at Norton Canes Community Centre, 10.30am-11.15am (Ages 3-6 Years)

The Cheer Bears class is an introduction to dance. It is a great way to boost confidence and coordination whilst having fun. Cheer Bears combines an exciting mix of dance activities and musical fun to develop children’s creativity and spatial awareness. This class is designed to encourage young children to enjoy the many benefits of dance, whilst socialising and having fun. It’s a fantastic way to provide your little dancers with the opportunity to express their creativity within a fun, safe and caring environment. All Cheer Bears will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity on stage.

ADFP Competitive Freestyle Dance and Slow

Saturdays at Norton Canes Community Centre, 11.30am- 12.30pm (Ages 5-18)

Combining stretching, flexibility and coordination, whilst learning the competitive moves to perform a solo fast and slow freestyle dance routine. This is a fun and friendly class which leads to competitions.

All Stars

Saturdays at Norton Canes Community Centre, 12.30pm-1.30pm (Ages 7-13)

All Stars is our Musical Theatre and performance class where you can express yourself and have fun. This class allows the students to get  ‘show’ ready, and will also include different dance styles such as, street, jazz and contemporary. Many children start at this class as it is fun with a friendly atmosphere. This class is a great way to make new friends and boost confidence. All students in this class  get the opportunity to perform in theatre and showcase their work, and have also been invited to perform at places such as Drayton Manor, and other community events. These events are a highlight for many of our students.

Preparatory Ballet

Tuesday’s at Chasetown Methodist Church, 4.30pm-5.00pm (Ages 3-6)

Beginner Ballet, this class introduces Ballet in a fun environment for younger children. They will follow a recognised curriculum and work towards medals and certificates. This is great for young children to start at an early age as they will improve posture and poise whilst exploring their imagination and expression.

Junior Ballet and Tap

Thursday’s at Norton Canes Community Centre, 3.45-4.45pm (Ages 6- 12)

Our Tap and Ballet class follows the well known Melody Bear Syllabus. This class runs during term time up to 12 weeks. During this time they will work on the syllabus and work towards medals and certificates. At the end of each term our students enthusiastically look forward to our presentation evening. They then move up to the next award each term. Students will be able to perform their work on stage.

Street Dance

Friday’s at Norton Canes Community Centre, 4.15-5.00pm (Ages 4- 9)

This class is focused on assisting personal development within the style. This is a fun exciting class and a great way to meet new dance friends. If you are looking to further your skills, routines learnt will be performed at events.

Musical Theatre

Friday’s at Norton Canes Community Centre, 5.00-5.30pm (Ages 6- 14)

If you dream of, or aspire to a future in the theatre, dancing or performing arts sector, then the Musical Theatre class is for you. You will work towards Internationally recognised qualifications endorsed by IDTA, so this is your first step towards attaining this dream. Be ahead of the rest when attending auditions for college and university, or workshops and competitions. Or if you fancy gaining confidence and making new friends, then this is the class for you.

Street/Commercial, Contemporary and Lyrical Technique

Friday’s at Norton Canes Community Centre, 5.00-6.00pm (Ages 13+)

If you are looking to learn and develop great technique in these styles of dance then this class could be for you. We welcome beginners and dancers who want to further their technique. There will be opportunities to perform at events.

Team Competitive Classes (Invite only)

Team classes are students who are selected, and if you have the drive, passion and are able to be a team player, maybe this could be for you. Our team classes are known for many first places at competitions from the very early age of 4 years old. Team classes change dependant on the age categories and regulations for each competition/ event.
It’s true what they say ‘dancers who dance together, stay together.’ We pride ourselves on working as a team and we really are a dance family!

Private Lessons (By Appointment)

Working towards competitions or exams? or even just want a bit of extra practise, book your private lessons. Please speak to Leela for more information on this.